Starting a career: New perspectives for refugees

How can I begin a career in Germany? Which professions are available? And how can I take part in vocational training? For many refugees, these are important questions.  Answers to these questions are provided by a joint program provided by the Vocational Training Centre (Berufsbildungswerk or bbw) Südhessen along with the Refugee Aid in Karben, in which ten refugees from Bad Vilbel can currently participate.


Since February 2016, the project has given ten participants professional orientation and qualification, in order to prepare them for a vocation training course or insurable employment. The second round of the program will begin on 15 September, for which we are looking for participants from Bad Vilbel and southern Wetterau.

Three steps, One goal

„Orientation – Qualification – Integration“ – in short: OQI, which lasts up to 18 months and is divided into three phases: Career guidance, workshop training and transition support when starting at a company. Since each participant has different qualifications and interests, the main focus is on providing individual support.

First, the requirements regarding language and technical aspects must be clarified and competencies in these areas established. This is followed by supervised traineeships at the bbw training centre and external companies. Support is also provided upon beginning work at a company and in stabilising the training/employment relationship. Attending courses at the Vocational School Karben, culture courses and German courses, which are offered by Refugee Aid in Karben and the Vocational Training Centre, complete the training content.

New dates

The target group of this project are refugees between 18 and 27 years old with fundamental knowledge of German and no formal vocational training. For the next OQI round, which starts on 15 September, we are looking for ten refugees from Bad Vilbel and southern Wetterau. In order to handle the amount of information and impressions, three information events will be held for potential participants in the bbw Südhessen at Heroldshain 1:

  • 22 August, if necessary also on 23 August: Tour of the bbw training facilities
  • 06 September: Exchange with OQI participants in the current round
  • 09 September Information day on the project in general and registration. The events always begin at 1 p.m.

Those interested are invited to contact the Flüchtlingshilfe Bad Vilbel e.V. (Refugee Aid Bad Vilbel) at

More information can be found on the homepage of the Vocational Training Centre (bbw)

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